ELIXIR-LU seeks national and international collaborations with partners from public and private sectors in Luxembourg and abroad. The Node especially aims to interact with the pharmaceutical industry and the clinical healthcare.

On a national scale, the node will unify the Luxembourgish biomedical IT landscape and implement international data standards. The local biomedical research institutions will be able to use the ELIXIR portal to store and promote the data produced by their cohorts and biological sample collections.

Internationally, ELIXIR-LU intends to become a leading stakeholder in biomedicine, as a secure data hub and a high-performance computing location. The Node will host data from different European and international consortia. ELIXIR-LU is for example working in close collaboration with IMI-eTRIKS for the initial setup and metadata collection of IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) projects. The amount as well as the scope of data available will increase through those international projects, making the Node’s data catalogue of interest to researchers worldwide.

ELIXIR-LU will also develop collaborations within the ELIXIR infrastructure and will be involved in projects with the hub and several other nodes (ELIXIR-UK, ELIXIR-Denmark, ELIXIR-Spain, ELIXIR-Czech Republic and ELIXIR-Finland).