Fondation Universitaire
11 Rue d’Egmont

16 April / 10:00 - 16:30

A joint effort towards compliance
The workshop aims to discuss the challenges of the GDPR for the ELIXIR Nodes. Based on the example of a few use cases, the need for tools and solutions will be identified. As an outcome, a roadmap will be defined and a corresponding working group created to pursue the implementation of this roadmap.

This workshop targets the Technical Coordinators in the ELIXIR Nodes and, where applicable, the data protection experts of the Nodes.

10:00    Welcome
10:15    Overview of GDPR requirements and challenges
10:45    Results of ELIXIR GDPR Survey
11:15    Presentation of tools
12:30    Lunch
13:00    BBMRI – Code of Conduct for Health Research (tbc)
13:30    Discussion of use cases
15:00    Coffee Break
15:15    Prioritisation of challenges, potential solutions, roadmap
16:15    Conclusion and next steps

Registration is open until March 31.

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