eTRIKS/ELIXIR-LU data curation training for TranSMART

6, Avenue du Swing

eTRIKS and ELIXIR-Luxembourg Node organize a data preprocessing and curation training that will cover the necessary steps to clean, reformat and upload data to tranSMART.

The training will be divided in the following sections:
1. Basic introduction of tranSMART (i2b2 tree and database)
2. Format of standard-format-file that are needed by the ETL scripts
3. How to setup the data loading environment
4. How to use the ETL scripts
5. Hand-on sessions of 2) 3) and 4)

It will be a two-day training with the following approximate schedule:
Day 1: Thursday 15th September -- 14:00-17:30
Day 2: Friday 16th September -- 09:30-15:00

The venue of the training will be:
LCSB, Université de Luxembourg - Campus Belval, Biotech II - 6, Avenue du Swing, L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

- - -

Francisco Bonachela-Capdevila