Training provided by ELIXIR-LU focuses on usage of the node services, data management, efficient use of high-performance computing to analyse complex biomedical data and reproducibility in research.

ELIXIR-LU courses will start in 2017.
On-site training and hands-on training courses are available for the following topics:
• Curation of clinical data and integration to tranSMART
• User training of TMDC and tranSMART
• Basic bio-medical research IT training for researchers
• Data management at the bench – from Excel to Tidy Data in statistical analysis platform
• Basic bioinformatics, reproducible pipelines and reproducible analysis

The courses are typically 2 days’ trainings open to the research community.
ELIXIR-LU also contributes to other training activities in Luxembourg and the Grand Region.

Have a look at our upcoming courses.

See also ELIXIR's Training Portal for access to life sciences training resources aggregated from all the ELIXIR nodes.