Sustainability of tools

Tools registry

ELIXIR-LU maintains the following tools and web services.

Gene list analysis service:

  • bioCompendium: a high-throughput experimental data analysis platform designed to work with large lists of genes or proteins for which it collects a wide spectrum of biological information. (e.g., to prioritize potential targets from gene expression analysis studies or from RNAi studies)

Protein sequence analysis:

  • PredictProtein: to analyse protein sequence to predict protein function and structure


  • Human-gDB: a database of human G-Proteins, human G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), their effectors and their interactions
  • HIV Mutation Browser: a database of mutagenesis and mutation information on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Visual analytics tools:

  • Arena3D: to visualize biological networks with multilayered graphs and to analyse big networks in a three-dimensional space representation
  • PhenoTimer: to visualise time-resolved biological data and make sense out of gene-phenotype relations in a temporal context
  • SmartR: to visualise and analyse data within tranSMART in a highly dynamic and interactive manner.

SBML map annotation service:

  • MapAnnotator: Parkinson’s Disease Map annotation service