R-tidyverse introduction for beginners (2020-03-25)


This training session is intended for scientists willing to explore their data in a programmatic and reproducible environment. Tidyverse - an R-language dialect designed to make data science fast, fluent and fun - is suitable for scientists without advanced knowledge in programming. In this one-day crash course, you will learn the fundamental principles of importing, organising, transforming and visualising data. The course is highly inspired by the book “R for Data Science” from Hadley Wickham. Successful completion of the course is good introduction for a longer four-day course in May 2020.


The training is designed for participants with no experience in R. Please bring a personal or professional laptop with administrator access with a recent version of R, RStudio and the tidyverse packages installed. Installation instructions can be found here.


Wednesday 25 March 2020 from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (with 1h lunch break)

The course will contain lectures and practical work.


Registration is now open

Places are limited to 12 participants. If after registration you are not able to attend, you are required to provide justification, which should be sent to formation@lih.lu as soon as possible before the course day.


  • Arnaud Muller - Quantitative Biology Unit, LIH

  • Roland Krause - Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine

  • Aurelien Ginolhac - Department of Life Sciences and Medecine


Luxembourg Institute of Health

Room Pasteur-Curie

1A-B, rue Thomas Edison

L-1445 Strassen