ELIXIR Luxembourg

ELIXIR-LU, the Luxembourgish node of ELIXIR, the European infrastructure for life science information, focuses on long-term sustainability of tools and data for Translational Medicine.

Translational Medicine data integrate clinical information with molecular and cellular data for a better understanding of diseases.

ELIXIR-LU aims to facilitate long-term access to those research data and to tools for scientists in both academia and industry. This will allow the reuse of previously generated data to address new research questions and dramatically save time and cost.

Elixir Luxembourg


Repository for high quality Translational Medicine data

Integration of well-curated clinical and molecular data from cohorts and large consortia. Implementation of standardised electronic data capture, data harmonisation and curation.

High-performance data access and computing services

Sustainable access management according to well-defined criteria, in order to meet the security and accountability requirements of ELIXIR, of the General European data protection regulation (GDPR), and of the research community. Platforms and tools to allow efficient data access and analysis.

Data catalog Tools Registry GDPR activities

Support and user training

Workshops and courses on data management, curation, analytics and visualisation. Continuous education of software developers, data managers and researchers.

Our news

PerMedCoE: HPC/Exascale Centre of Excellence in Personalised Medicine
Coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and funded by the European Commission, this recently launched HPC centre of excellence will optimise codes for cell-level simulations in HPC/Exascale and bridge... (read more)
ELIXIR-LU participates in the new “Beyond One Million Genomes” project
A new ELIXIR-coordinated European project has been recently launched. Called “Beyond One Million Genomes” (B1MG) and funded by Horizon 2020, it aims to support the implementation of the 1+ Million Genomes initiative. ... (read more)
The ELIXIR FAIR Training working group publishes a paper in PLoS Computational Biology — ‘10 Simple Rules for Making training materials FAIR.’
The collaborative effort, which started at the ELIXIR BioHackathon Europe 2018, has involved a multitude of experts from across ELIXIR. A working group on FAIR training picked up the work from the BioHackathon to buil... (read more)

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