ELIXIR-LU, the Luxembourgish node of ELIXIR, the European infrastructure for life science information, focuses on long-term sustainability of tools and data for Translational Medicine.

Translational Medicine data integrate clinical information with molecular and cellular data for a better understanding of diseases.

ELIXIR-LU aims to facilitate long-term access to those research data and to tools for scientists in both academia and industry. This will allow the reuse of previously generated data to address new research questions and dramatically save time and cost.

Elixir Luxembourg


ELIXIR-LU is involved in several large EU funded projects, such as Fairplus, ELIXIR-CONVERGE, Smart4Health and B1MG.

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Support and user training

Workshops and courses on data management, curation, analytics and visualisation. Continuous education of software developers, data managers and researchers.

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ELIXIR-LU offers technical solutions designed to enable sharing of curated and integrated Translational Medicine data effectively and guarantee long-term sustainability. All our services are available to life-science researchers in the EU and worldwide.

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Our news

Launch of EOSC-ENTRUST – Driving European interoperability for sensitive data access and analysis
On 18-19 March, the kick-off of the EOSC-ENTRUST initiative was held in Amsterdam, connecting different partner organisations to drive forward European interoperability for sensitive data access and analysis. The EU-f... (read more)
ELIXIR Luxembourg is pleased to announce its participation in ELIXIR-STEERS, a three-year EU funded project launched on 1st February 2024 with a total budget of €4M. The project is a collaboration between all ELIXIR N... (read more)

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