Workshops and courses

Upcoming events are listed below:

Date Name Location
October 04, 2021 October 04, 2021 Best practices in research data management and stewardship Online This course is aimed at researchers, data stewards in the biomedical sciences who wish to improve their skills on data management. The course will introduce the concepts of the FAIR principles for data, the concept and implementation of data stewardship as well as practical aspects of day to day data management and data management plans, which are required in many grant applications. Workshops and courses Best practices in research data management and stewardship
October 20, 2021 October 20, 2021 Basic git training Online Are you coding regularly? Do you want to assure quality of your code and learn about the version control software git? Git keeps records of all changes that you make in your scripts, facilitates collaborative development, and most importantly, allows you to revert to previous states when you did something wrong. This absolute beginner’s training course on git teaches you the basics to get started and assure high-quality of your code! Workshops and courses Basic git training