Statistical tests and statistical learning for omics data (2020-09-14)

This advanced statistics course that will include feature selection in statistical tests, clustering and statistical learning. Successful completion will be awarded with 1 ECTS.

Learning objectives:

  • Obtaining an overview of current computational systems biology approaches for omics data analysis
  • Understanding the principles behind data pre-processing, quality control and statistical analysis of large-scale biological datasets
  • Obtaining experience in higher-level omics analysis via pathway and network analyses
  • Learning the basics of machine learning analyses for omics sample clustering and classification


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  • Basic working knowledge of R
  • Have a computer ready with a recent version of R (4.0 or later) and RStudio (1.2 or later) installed. Please have your computer set-up well before the start of the course.

Time plan

Monday (14.09.2019)

Time Topic
9.15 Coffee & virtual get together
9.45 Lecture
  Welcome & introduction
  Data pre-processing, filtering & quality control
  Feature selection and hypothesis tests
  Statistical meta-analysis of omics data
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 Practical tutorial
  Introduction to the example datasets used for the project
  Software installations on student laptops, retrieving public biomedical datasets
  Hands-on data pre-processing & differential abundance analysis
17.00 End

Tuesday (15.09.2019)

Time Topic
9.15 Coffee & virtual get together
9.45 Lecture
  Cellular pathway & network analysis
  Unsupervised machine learning analysis (clustering)
  Supervised machine learning analysis (prediction)
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 Practical tutorial
  Hands-on pathway & network analysis
  Hands-on machine learning analyses
  Conclusion & final discussion
17.00 End


Enrico Glaab with Veronica Codoni, Armin Rauschenberger and Leon-Charles Tranchevent


The course will be held online. Access will be available for registered participants only.


Roland Krause