Data processing with R tidyverse (2021-05-06)


R is a powerful language for data science in many disciplines of research with a steep learning curve. The tidyverse group of packages provide a dialect that greatly simplifies data importing, cleaning, processing, and visualization as well as providing reproducible workflows, replacing many intricacies of R with clear and easy to learn syntax.

The course will be run on Thursday 6, Friday 7, Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 May, 2021.

The four day course provides a complete introduction to data science in R with the tidyverse. The course will not go deep into statistics but rather getting data ready, some exploratory analysis, visualization and handling models. Preparing data takes up to 90% of the time spent in analysis — speeding this up is the mission of this course.

More details will be provided in the Course website


Participants should have basic experience in R or intermediate experience in other programming environments for data analysis such as Matlab, Octave or Python. This is not a beginners’ course to programming.


To be announced.


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Aurélien GINOLHAC (DLSM), Veronica Codoni and Roland KRAUSE (both ELIXIR-LU/LCSB)


Roland Krause Aurélien Ginolhac