ELIXIR-GOBLET Train the Trainer (2023-05-03)

3 - 5 May 2023 Three days, Basel, Switzerland Register here


This course introduces trainers in the life sciences to learning principles, training techniques, lesson, session, course, and material design as well as assessment and feedback. This course is has been developed for by trainers in the bioinformatics but is suitable for all trainers and educators in higher education. It is part of the ELIXIR Train the Trainer programme.

The course will run from 3 May to 5 May 2023 and is organize by ELIXIR-Switzerland and ELIXIR-Luxembourg.

The detailed course description, including local information, detailed programme and registration, is hosted by our Swiss colleagues.

PhD candidates that enrolled through the Doctoral School for Science and Engineering (DSSE) will receive 1 ECTS, which requires handing in a short project and completing the course in full.

Learning Objectives

  • To get acquainted with learning principles and how they apply to training
  • To be able to select and utilise training techniques that can be used to enhance learner engagement and participation
  • To learn how to use assessment and feedback in training
  • To learn about session, course, and materials design

Learning Outcomes

  • Learners can tell which learning principles a good trainer should have in mind
  • Learners can describe at least three training techniques drawing on learning principles
  • Learners can design a training session and a course
  • Learners can develop assessment questionnaires
  • Learners can tell what types of material are needed for each part of a training session


Participants in this course are involved in teaching or training to scientists, Master-level and above.


The course will have four sessions, spread across three days.

  • Session 1: Review of learning principles and how they apply to training
  • Session 2: Training techniques that can be used to enhance learner engagement and participation
  • Session 3: Session, course, and materials design
  • Session 4: Assessment and feedback in training


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Roland Krause Roland Krause (University of Luxembourg, Elixir-Luxembourg)

Daniela Brites, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland

Patricia Palagi, SIB Training Group, ELIXIR-Switzerland


Patricia Palagi (Elixir-CH)


Basel, Switzerland



Roland Krause