Node service selection process

​ In 2019, ELIXIR Luxembourg defined a process for the selection of Node Services. This process is summarised below. It was designed based on the new ELIXIR guidelines for Node service selection and our discussion with our ELIXIR-LU SAB. It was formally adopted on December 1st, 2019, for an initial trial period of two years during which the ELIXIR-LU Executive Team will evaluate the process in practice and, if necessary, make modifications of the process and/or criteria. ​

General Process

New Node services can be proposed to ELIXIR-LU by affiliates of the University of Luxembourg or collaborating institutions in Luxembourg, at any time. Review of new applications is undertaken annually or according to need and consists to four consecutive review blocks (indicated below as Review Blocks (1)-(4)). All four reviews must be passed in order for the proposed service to be added to the Service Delivery Plan (SDP) of ELIXIR-LU. In case of failure of an application/service to pass any review block, the proposers receive feedback outlining which criteria were not met by their application and can submit an amended application if they wish. ​ All ELIXIR-LU Node services are subjected to renewal review automatically, every two years. Automatic renewal review is reduced and typically consists only of review blocks (1) - (3) indicated below. Within these blocks the same criteria and service KPIs (in development) must be met for renewal as for new applications. ​ Additionally, Node services may be subjected to renewal review either if they have undergone substantive modifications, or if a renewal review is requested by the ELIXIR-LU Executive team or the service provider. Here, the subset of review blocks that apply will be decided case-by-case. ​ ​

Principles and criteria

​ The detailed principles (Review Blocks) and criteria are described below:

Node service selection process details