Access data

If you wish to access data hosted on ELIXIR-LU, please get in touch with our representative Data Stewards.
Please note that for the data you wish to access, this is mandatory to have an employment contract with an institution that has signed a Data Use Agreement with UL/LCSB.

Data access process

  1. A Data User browses through ELIXR-LU catalogue to locate the data of interest and request access through there or via e-mail to LCSB Data Stewards.

  2. Within 3 working days Data User is asked to fill out Data Request Form providing contact information, description of the intended use requested data. User also acknowledges existing data use restrictions. Dully singed form is sent back to LCSB Data Stewards via e-mail.

  3. Data Access Committee (DAC) formed by Data Provider and ELIXIR UL/LCSB reviews the access request and issues a decision in 2 weeks time. During the application assessment, DAC will:
    • look for evidence of the requestor being qualified for use of the data,
    • review intended use of the data, its purpose, and its alignment with dataset specific use restrictions. In some cases, DAC may request more information. DAC decision is communicated to Data User by LCSB Data Stewards.
  4. In case of a positive DAC decision, Data User will be contacted by legal team of the UL/LCSB to negotiate and sign the following documents:
    • Data Use Agreement (template can be found here);
    • Data Use Responsibilities Acknowledgement (template can be found here).
      These legal documents define the terms on which access is granted, its duration, conditions, list of data users, etc. For reasons of operability and traceability the content of the agreements are in general non-negotiable and only minor changes are accepted, e.g. changes to the wording in order to improve clarity, fairness and/or stringency.
  5. When the Data Use Agreement is duly signed, Data Stewards provide a means of data access to Data User.