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Thank you for your interest in submiting your data to ELIXIR-LU and becoming ELIXIR-LU data provider.

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Submission of data is multi-stage process. To get the bigger picture of data submiting policy - check out the introduction for data provider.

How to submit data?

  1. Get familiar with Terms of Service on our website.

  2. Contact us to notify about the intention to submit data. We will arrange an appointment to discuss the agreement’s details.

  3. Select data access type: open or controlled.

  4. Review Data Use Agreement of the contract.

  5. Provide us with the information to create Data Access Policy.

  6. Your research and data are validated by ELIXIR-LU.

  7. Mutual sign of contracts: ELIXIR-LU services agreement (ToS) and DISH (Annex D).

  8. Provide dataset description (metadata).

  9. ELIXIR data stewards provide secure data transfer channels and store the metadata of the datasets in a GDPR-compliant manner.

  10. Your submission is being processed. Soon you will get notified your data is listed in ELIXIR-LU catalog.

In case you have any questions or comments, please write to ELIXIR-LU Data Steward.