Submit data

Introduction for data provider

ELIXIR-LU offers the following services for research data: hosting, access provision and findability through the DATA CATALOG. If you want us to host your data and provide access to third parties, please contact our data stewards via email. We will get in touch and discuss your use case to define the services we can provide.

Data can be hosted on our platform under open or controlled access:
  • Open access:
    Any registered ELIXIR-LU user can access data in an unrestricted manner. This option is only possible for anonymised data.

  • Controlled access:
    The data provider must establish a data access policy that is used by the Data Access Committee to handle access requests from users.
Data providers can choose which type of access to use when preparing the data transfer to ELIXIR-LU. The data users can access controlled data after signing the ELIXIR-LU Data Use Agreement, guaranteeing that they respect the described data access policy (or use conditions).
ELIXIR-LU provides secure channels for the transfer of your data and host them in a GDPR-compliant computing environment.
If agreed, ELIXIR-LU also provides basic curation and re-pseudonymisation of data. We also store the metadata of the datasets in our data catalog to further improve findability of your data.

The data providers remain at all times responsible for the data that will be hosted on the ELIXIR-LU platform and for the validity of the data provision (data protection, ethics, etc.).

By default, the ELIXIR-LU Hosting Service Agreement is concluded for 10 years, to allow for re-use of data in research and dissemination of results.

The services of ELIXIR-LU are provided in principle free of charge and supported by Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg.

How to submit data? – Step-by-step

  1. Contact our data steward regarding your data submission to discuss the agreement’s details.

  2. Review our Terms of Services (for data providers) and the Terms of Use (for data users).

  3. Select data access type: open or controlled (see description above).

  4. If you chose controlled access, provide us with the use conditions and restrictions that define the Data Access Policy by filling the Data Information Sheet.

  5. Sign the Hosting Service Agreement with the Data Information Sheet attached as annex.

  6. Provide dataset description (additional metadata).

  7. Our data stewards provide secure data transfer channels and store the metadata in a GDPR-compliant manner.

  8. Your submission is being processed. You will get notified when your data is listed in the DATA CATALOG.

Please consider that concluding the agreement may take several months.