Data hosting

ELIXIR-LU offers technical solutions for long-term data hosting and provision of safe, GDPR-compliant data access to third-parties, as well as additional data management services.


  • Time and cost-efficient access to curated and integrated data

  • Secure storage of data on ELIXIR-LU servers

  • Basic curation and re-pseudonymisation of data

  • Professional data stewardship support

  • Easy management and analysis of datasets

  • New opportunities for research by re-using data, pooling across studies, across diseases, etc.


  • Improves visibility of you research in many ways

  • Share your data in a controlled manner

  • Use a sustainable GDPR-compliant solution, required by many funders

  • Get credit for sharing good quality data (co-authorship or citation)

  • Increase chances to collaborate

  • Link to data repository networks (e.g. federated EGA)

  • Minimise transfer by analysing data on-site using our high-performance platform

  • Services are normally free of charge (except for vary large volume of data or long-term closed access)

How to start?

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