Disease maps

Disease maps are hosted on MINERVA Platform, a standalone webserver for visual exploration, analysis and management of molecular networks encoded in systems biology formats, including CellDesigner, SBML and SBGN. Visualization of uploaded networks generated by the platform is accessible via a web browser to all viewers with the weblink to the resource.


  • Host your systems biology diagrams (disease and pathway maps) online on the MINERVA platform

  • Share your diagrams with a broad audience

  • Gain access to visual analytics tools for your diagrams

  • Explore protein structures

  • Visualise omics datasets and calculate enrichment

  • Perform an easy and intuitive search for drug targets

  • Design reproducible workflows using an extensive API and a plugin architecture


  • Intuitively explore comprehensive maps of molecular mechanisms related to health and disease

  • Use visual analytics and bioinformatic workflows to interpret omics data

  • Easily link the contents of the maps to drug target databases and other sources

  • Grant these functionalities to the audience of your maps

  • Upload, share, explore and analyse your diagrams